How to Prepare for your headshot

What to Wear:

Corporate:  Dress in something that you feel best represents your company and that you feel comfortable in.

Acting: Wear something that reflections your personality or the roles you are going after.

Modeling:  Avoid clothing that would detract from your face. Best options are solid colors. Woman, you will not want to overdo it on the makeup. Most agents looking at your picture will want to see your complexton. Men, solid color shirt or one with a light texture such as a  lightweight sweater.

General Advice:  It is best to bring a few options depending on the type of shoot. Layering can be best because you can get a few different looks in a short amount of time.  But when layering try to avoid bulky fabrics. Do not wear bright Red, because it can cast red tints or make someone is a little more ruddy even more. Make sure your clothes are freshly pressed.

It is recommended you update your acting or modeling each time you change your look.

For children we recommend each year updating your images.

Quick Snap sessions are perfect for social media and other online options where you need to provide a web based photo.

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